Productgroup information

OEM Parts
These parts come from various OEM
suppliers (brand dealers) and/or
suppliers. We can often deliver them from
stock. Items such as hand-held
transmitters are sold with a logo because
these items are sourced from the
original channel.
Aftermarket Parts
These are parts tested by us, purchased
from various aftermarket suppliers.
These products can be seen as good
substitutes for original parts. In all cases
they are unbranded items, provided
with the correct key pin with the right
fit. The hardness of this pin has been
fully tested, so that itis also easy to
Buy Up parts
These are original parts that we purchase
from various OEM suppliers.Often these
are items that have been in stock for
(too) long and get a last chance to be
sold. In addition, we regularly buy
batches that we try to trade in this way.
Here it is also possible to place a bid
for an entire party.

Note: As long as our stock lasts!
Locksmith Parts
This is a wide variety of parts,
tools,safety locks for company cars, milling
cutters, tumblers, etc. We are talking about
articles that are of particular interest
to every automotive lock specialist.

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