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Your privacy respects the privacy of all customers and visitors and takes great care to ensure your personal information . We comply with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act and other privacy legislation. Furthermore we feel entitled to inform you of the data process.

We present the possibility to modify or delete your data at all times. Your personal data will not be available to third parties. Your e-mail data will be used solely for related data process. will never hand out your e-mail data to third parties whether or not for any compensation.


When you visit our website we can automatically store certain information on your computer. These referred cookies will help recognize you on your next visit. Cookies help us to tune the contents of our website to meet your needs. You can then register your password or code so re-inserting wonít be necessary. When you do not wish us to use cookies, please set your browser to ward off cookies. When you accept the cookies, they will remain on your computer unless you remove these yourself. When warding off cookies, your use of the website may show restrictions.

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